Sophie Austin

"Welcome Storyteller, we have been waiting for you...What happens next?"

Launching at Raveningham Sculpture Trail July 2024, this interactive installation invites you to participate in one of the greatest stories yet to be told.

Imagine walking through an English woodland, and there, in a small clearing stands a desk.
It is weatherworn, grass grows happily around it, moss is clinging in cracks, bird poo adorns the desk-top, spiders weave their webs between the legs.

Maybe you run your hand over the top and discover words, carved and written, like ancient graffiti.

At the desk, there is a chair, similarly weathered, but inviting with a well-used cushion, inviting you to sit.

When you do sit, through a gap between the branches, you are greeted with a view of fields and an old gnarled oak tree.

You become aware of sounds around you, not just the woodland sounds, but the sounds of a pencil across paper, a distant drum beat, murmuring voices in different languages.
‘Welcome storyteller’, the voice eventually says in a language you understand.
‘Welcome storyteller we have been waiting for you….what happens next?

On the desk is a large leather-bound book with the title What Happens Next?

You realise that the words scrawled on the desk top are techniques, ideas, encouragement and prompts offering inspiration to move the story forward.

You open the top drawer and discover a variety of pens and pencils.
You pick one that you are drawn to.
You read the last page of the story so far.

And then you write what happens next...

This is a multimedia artwork consisting of a desk, chair, leather-bound book, pens, pencils, crayons, Minirig Speaker and MP3 player which plays an audio piece consisting of an 8 minute looped sound track.

    • This website will be updated with the story so far when the exhibition launches. 
    • Created by Sophie Austin
    • Soundscape composed by Isa Suarez
    • Artistic Assistance by Cathy Austin and Tate Loddon