Sophie Austin
  • Role: Director and Producer
  • Producer: Teatro Vivo , The Albany 
  • Year: 2012
  • Synopsis: A normal high street becomes the backdrop for Homer’s epic tale as the audience are whisked off on their own immersive Odyssey.
    Enlisted by Telemachus, the audience are sent on a mission to find news of his father.
    As they travel the high street, they come across gods and goddesses, the living and the dead before heading back to Penelope's house for a dramatic climax. 
  • This project involved an incredible community chorus who sung, danced and roller-skated around the back alleys and open spaces of beautiful Deptford in London. 
  • Written by Michael Wagg, Sarah Sigal and Vic Bryson.
  • Cast
    Natalie Ball
    Will Close
    Kas Darley
    Jason Eddy
    Natasha Magigi
    Rebecca Peyton
    Mark Stevenson
    Michael Wagg
    Tom Ross Williams
  • Funded by
    Lewisham Council
    Arts Council England