Sophie Austin
  • Role: Director
  • Producers: Teatro Vivo/ GLYPT,
  • Year: 2014 
  • Synopsis: Follow Mother Courage on her epic journey as she travels through the thirty years war. Staged around the Woolwich Arsenal, this was a promenade production created in collaboration with GLYPT with an amazing community chorus of local people who played press, refugees and business folk.
  • Cast
    Hazel Bracken
    Kas Darley
    Jamie Hind
    Tomi Ogbaro
    Denise Orita
    Dane Stevens
    Mark Stevenson
    James Treherne
    Michael Wagg
  • Composer: Edward Lewis
    Designer: Jane Mackintosh

    "This is a thoughtful, innovative, yet timeless, promenade production that unfolds in a unique historical location. Follow Mother Courage past the cannon of wars past and think on the survival of humanity in the face of conflict today." - Londonist
Tagged: Theatre