Sophie Austin
  • Role: Director
  • Producer: Ice & Fire, Teatro Vivo
  • Year: 2017
  • Synopsis: A street theatre spectacular about the Arms Trade staged across London and went on to tour to festivals across the UK.
    The Great British Arms trade wants to thank YOU for your service.
    This all singing, all dancing satire brought shocking statistics and dirty tactics to public attention.
  • “Excellent. A great idea exposing the arms trade in an original and funny way. I was laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside!”
  • Creatives

    Designer Takis
    Writers Christine Bacon and Ben Chessell
    Sound Designer Eleanor Isherwood
    Costume Supervisor Shoni Wilkinson
    Assistant Director Molly Leigh Moy
    Associate Producer Matthew Schmolle
    Production Manager Will Herman
    Social Media Manager Arian Nik
    Press Relations Borkowski
    Graphic Design Sofi Lee-Henson
    Research Adviser – Annecy Lax (University of Essex)
    Research Adviser – Chris Rossdale (London School of Economics)

    The Paveway IV Missile Jason Eddy
    CS – Gas Mark Stevenson
    The Eurofighter Typhoon Samantha Lawson
    Rex Mensah Bediako
    Zac Tom Ross-Williams
    Robyn Rebecca Peyton