Sophie Austin
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An experimental short documentary film exploring the relationship between a village and the village dwellers as they prepare and carry out an ancient ritual.

The wassail is a thanks giving ceremony in which local folk celebrate and give thanks to the apple trees who provide fruit for their crumbles, juice for their cider and a playground for their children.

This annual celebration marks time for the village as it occurs after the longest day beckoning lighter days to come and inviting the village to acknowledge the seasonal shift from winter to spring.

Within this film, humans will be captured on the periphery watched by the village, observed by the more than human, just as humans observe a bird nesting or an apple ripening on the tree.

Expect no voice over or interviews, but human and bird song, laughter and the wind uniting in a film that hopes to share the importance of coming together with the land to give thanks for what we are and what we share.

Wassail designed, conducted, orchestrated and composed by Lorna Rees  with the excellent folk from The Village. 

Produced by Becky Burchell 

Directed by Sophie Austin

Cinematography by Mike Davies

Thank you to all the Villagers who have been involved in the creation of this film.